AVC is excited to launch our latest short film "A Little While Longer".

A Little While Longer tells the powerful story of a friend of the performers who has withdrawn from life and become unresponsive - a common experience for so many young people today..

The performers must navigate the challenges of how to help (or not help) their friend who is struggling.

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Film produced by The Australian Voice Collective
Created by Rachel Campbell and Paul Bissett

Performed by The Australian Voice Collective's Lilana McKee and Siye Whitbread
Words & Music by Jim Croce

Recorded at BMS Academy

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AVC's new single ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ is out now.

Film produced by The Australian Voice Collective
Created by Rachel Campbell and Paul Bissett

Performed by The Australian Voice Collective
Words & Music by Paul Simon
Arr. Kirby Shaw
Backing Track by Oliver Campbell
Vocal recorded at Bellchambers Music School

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About AVC

The Australian Voice Collective is a new kind of performing arts ensemble for young people aged approximately 12 to 18. AVC focuses on singing great music and creating powerful video content about issues that are important to young people.

AVC transforms young lives and nurtures the music professionals of tomorrow.

Rachel Campbell
Rachel Campbell
Artistic Director & Co-Founder

The Australian Voice Collective

Under the exciting leadership of Rachel Campbell and Paul Bissett, AVC offers a new style of music group for Canberra’s young people.

Rachel brings years of professional music experience with young people, having educated generations of musicians and conducted at the Australian Rugby Choir and Woden Valley Youth Choir.

Paul brings unique creativity from the world of filmmaking, giving AVC an artistic edge like no other music performance group in Canberra.

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Paul Bissett
Paul Bissett
Artistic Director & Co-Founder

Hello? It's me, The Universe.

AVC were delighted to share their first ever feature film - Hello? It's me, The Universe with the world.

Its world premiere was held at Palace Electric Cinemas, Canberra City in May 2021.

Stay tuned for more music performances in the near future.