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We typically hold auditions on a project-by-project basis (see our current casting call here), but are always looking for interesting, unique, young people (13-20 years old) with a range of skills to join AVC as part of our ongoing ensemble. We want passionate young people who can express their individuality. If you are interested in being part of AVC, we want to meet you! 

Audition Information

To be part of AVC, you are required to meet us for a short, friendly interview, followed by an audition. The whole process will take approximately 20 minutes.


At the interview we will ask you some simple questions that help us get to know you a little. We'll ask you about:

  • your music background
  • your performance experience
  • what you know about AVC (look at our website)
  • what you want to bring to AVC


The audition will consist of:

  • performing a song (or part of a song) of your choice that shows us what you can do
  • aural and rhythm exercises (which we will provide you with during the audition)

Bring your A game to your audition. We want to see what you can do. Try to learn lyrics off by heart. If you've only had short notice for your audition, we'll be even more impressed.

PRO TIP: don't just sing for us. Perform for us! We want to see that you can PERFORM a song, not just sing it.

AVC is not just a singing group, we welcome other instruments at the audition. We want to see what you can do!


We want people who love to perform – so show us what you're made of!

Before the Audition

Before audition day, please look at our website and our YouTube channel to get an idea of what the group is about and the sort of music we make. We want to see that you understand a bit about AVC before we meet you.

After the Audition

We expect to provide you with the outcome of your audition within 48 hours via the email or phone number provided on your application form.