Mission, Vision and Values


It's our mission to be a collective of outstanding young musicians who experience the transformative power of collaborative music, and celebrate the potential of music for personal growth and social change.

We strive to nurture confidant, performance-ready musicians with music industry knowledge and insight.


It's our vision to create joy for our performers and audiences through stimulating and contemporary musical education, world-class musical performances, and real-world professional opportunities.


We work hard to achieve high standards of professionalism and excellence in musicianship where the process of learning and performing is joyful and enriching. All members act with integrity and transparency, and there is a shared ownership of decisions. We do what's right, not what's easy.

The Australian Voice Collective believes...

  • Music is transformative in young people’s lives.
  • Respect for all is key to attracting the best, developing the best and retaining the best.
  • Young people can achieve amazing things when expectations are high, and opportunities are real.
  • Young performers should have agency in shaping their future.
  • Musicians who put in the work deserve a share of the reward.

The Australian Voice Collective is here to make a difference.